Madurai: a small child drowns while parents watch the rescue operation of the child Trichy Sujith on television

MADURAI: A two-year-old girl drowned in a tub of water at her home in the Tuticorin district on Monday night while her parents were glued to the television, watching news about the attempt to rescue little Sujith Wilson. Revathi Sanjana was the daughter of fisherman Lingeswaran and his wife, Nisha, from the coastal town of Therespuram. The couple was watching television and discussing rescue efforts when they suddenly realized that their son had disappeared, police said.

When Lingeswaran entered the bathroom in search of his daughter, he was surprised to see that the boy's leg was sticking out of a plastic container with water. The girl who was motionless was rushed to the hospital where she declared her death upon arrival. Police said a case of unnatural death will be recorded.