Itinerary: Polaris lays off an off-road adventure track in Gurugram

NEW DELHI: Polaris India opens its 91st Off-road adventure Track, Polaris experience zone (PEZ), in Gurugram in cooperation with the Yansh Adventure Motorsports. Whether you are familiar with off-road vehicles (ATVs) or want to spend some spare time with the big toys, the Gurugram-Faridabad experience zone provides a great platform.

Polaris 1Polaris 1

Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director and Country Head of Polaris India, said during the opening ceremony: Not only does it provide the thrills and excitement of Polaris off-road and ATV vehicles, but enthusiasts can also experience rides on the specially designed track and track. And here we tried to gather first-hand experience on the newly created track, which spans over a hectare of land.

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For beginners, the 400-meter track is built for amateurs looking for recreation. Trains stay close to the road, but you are more anxious to get closer to the lawn. By and large, when you start the ATV, you're facing five comparatively sharp turns, a camel hump, and a bunch of beefed-up speed breakers. The price for three laps of the course starts at 500 Rs and increases according to your choice of ATVs.

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Dividing the track into four halves increases the difficulty as you progress. It is always advisable to do a few laps to adjust to the difficulty. You can choose from the Polaris fleet of Sportsman 90, Outlaw 90, Sportsman 400, Trailboss 330, Pheonix 200, RZR 170. The ATVs are well armored, so do not worry about the fall.

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Attention ... It is addictive and still fun.