Cyclone Kyarr: a stranded ship most seen, four impossible to track

MADURAI: As it progresses from the west coast of India to Oman, the number of Kanyakumari offshore fishing boats that were on the vulnerable road has reduced to four on Tuesday night. A senior fishing department official said they spotted one of the five ships that were in a vulnerable position until Monday.

Karmal Matha, owned by Melkiyas de Vallavilai with 10 fishermen, is located in the depths of the Arabian Sea. Although no contact could be established, the ship is said to be moving at a speed of four nautical miles per hour.

The fishermen on the four boats that cannot be traced are Lourde Annai, Basilica, Jiremiah and St Mary. The 49 men aboard these ships include three from Kerala, one from Assam and the rest from Vallavilai, Neerody, Chinnathurai and Marthandanthurai in Kanyakumari.

The fishing director, G S Sameeran, said that only 10 ships are still at sea and that efforts are being made to establish contact with them.

Earlier on Tuesday, the parish priests of Thoothoor Forane asked the Kanyakumari district collector to rescue fishermen who cannot be traced.

Meanwhile, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) in a statement said Tuesday that it maintains close coordination with the fishing authorities and other interested parties for the search and rescue of missing and stranded fishing vessels. He said 25 fishermen were rescued and safely escorted more than 2,740 fishing boats to several ports.

ICG has been issuing weather warnings since October 18 to prevent fishermen from navigating. Messages were transmitted to all sailors in vernacular languages ​​also to inform them of the cyclonic climate and advise them to return to the port. Nine ICG vessels have been deployed to locate fishing boats and assist the stranded fisherman in the affected areas along the cyclone impact areas.

Two ICG Dorniers were responsible for scanning the area and locating stranded fishing vessels. An ICG Helo output has been increased to scan the area and locate stranded fishing vessels.