Update from Choti Sardarni, November 11: Param wins the competition

The last episode of Choti Sardarni It begins with the announcement of the host in which he says that in the last round of tug-of-war even parents will compete together with their children.

Kulwant along with his whole family arrive at the competition to support Param. Nirja gets excited with the idea of Param leaving her family and decides to support her too.

They all together win the round of tug of war and Param wins the competition. At the time of honoring Param with award, Meher looks at Nirja and invites her on the stage.

Nirja tells Sarab that rather than her victory it was important for Param to win.

After Param wins the competition, Nirja and Avtar leave for London. Sarab asks Harleen and Preeti to take care of Param for a few days as he and Meher are going to Serbia for their honeymoon.

Kulwant tells Jagga that the enmity between Meher and Bittu has ended and Meher has forgiven Bittu. Jagga asks Kulwant how does she know all of this. Kulwant says that she knows everything about her children.

Meher gets excited with the idea of leaving Param and going to Serbia. She tells Param that she wants to spend her entire day with him.

Meher gets angry at Sarab saying that he shouldn’t have planned all of this so suddenly and should have given her a few days ’time. She says that this will not be easy for Param. Sarab asks her to suggest a better solution. Meher asks him what if they take Param along with them.