Exclusive: Sunil Grover on his return to the Kapil Sharma Show: There is no such development

Popular comedian Sunil Grover 's last tweet made everyone think about his return The Kapil Sharma Show , Fans hoping for a comeback at TKSS have found hope after reading his cryptic tweet, but the actor has made the record clear that he will not return to the show.

While speaking exclusively to The TimesofIndia.com, Sunil said: Abhi tak mujhe he nahi pata, that I return to the show (laughs). But jokes, there is no such development as now. Whenever it happens, I'll do it myself announce it.

Talk about his future projects, the Bharat Actor revealed: I'll do something in the webspace soon, it's an exciting project. I will report soon.

Sunil's latest cryptic tweet left fans speculating on his return to TKSS. The comedian shared his signature Rinku Bhabhi line - mere husband Mujhko - and said nothing stays the same forever.

Sunil tweeted: Everything will come. Nothing will stay forever. So, just be thankful. That's the key. And yes, laugh a lot. Baaki ... just husband Mujhko ... That made the fans wonder if he returns to TKSS.

In no time, fans started requesting him to make a comeback on the show. One of the users wrote, Is that a hint .... Another commented, Great sir .... we respect ur decision but pls come back sir .... a good heart is waiting for another good heart . nThis is not the first time Sunil has dropped prey to such rumors. In fact, Bollywood star Salman Khan had even approached him to return to the second season as he is producing it. Back then Sunil was busy with Bharat and Kanpur whales Khurana and hence he could not do it.

For the uninitiated, Sunil split from Kapil in 2017 after arguing in the air where it apparently hurled a shoe at the former. Kapil and Sunil entertained the audience in TKSS and Comedy Nights with Kapil .