Over 5,000 km of roads damaged by rain in MP

BHOPAL: Excessive rainfall has damaged this monsoon over 5,000 kilometers of road in the state. Roads that have been destroyed include the roads of the Public Works Department and the Road Development Corporation (MPRDC).

Repairing and repairing roads would, according to estimates of the Department, require 1500 rupees. PWD has 47,480 km of roads in the state, while MPSRDC has 11,000 km of roads. Officials said that they had prepared a report on damaged roads and that repair work would begin after the end of the rain. The deadline for repairing the damaged report is 30 November, but there may be delays due to prolonged rains, officials said.

Over 1,300 km of road were damaged in Bhopal Zone. In the zone 568 km of road were damaged, followed by Rewa (562 km), (497 km), Ujjain (484 km), Gwalior (281 km) and Sagar (196 km).

In addition, over the last two months, 200 kilometers of federal highway have been damaged. The NDRF has also been contacted by the PWD about damaged roads. Minister of Public Works, Sajjan Singh Verma, said that the repair of damaged roads would start after the rain stopped. The teams are ready and repairs are expected to begin on September 30th. As for the funds, we have already talked to the finance department. This would provide additional funds for the repair and repair of rain-damaged roads, he said.

On September 3, Secretary-General SR Mohanty was instructed to complete road repair work in rural and urban areas damaged by floods in the state. He said repairs should begin in September and be completed by the end of November. The Secretary-General had announced that from time to time he would carry out a surprise inspection to ensure the commencement and completion of repair work on damaged roads.