Three politicians apologize for using and defending the anti-Semitic force

TRENTON: Three city council members in New Jersey The city's capital has apologized for using or defending the language when she spoke about the actions of the city's Jewish lawyer.

Councilwoman apologized in a statement on Wednesday.

She says her defense of Council President Kathy McBride was wrong. McBride apologized at the Council's hearing on Tuesday, and City Councilor George Muschal, who used McBride's trope defense, apologized early Wednesday.

McBride's comments were originally made in a closed session. They became public after receiving a picture.

McBride expresses concern about a city law agreement with an injured woman.

She said she was sad that the city's legal department could wait for her and put her down to accept less money.

Vaughn and Muschal defended the language.

Jewish public prosecutor Peter Cohen supervised the settlement.