Delhi CM Launches Champions Campaign Against Dengue Fever

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday launched in the fight against and urged people to encourage their friends to inspect their homes on Sunday to clean stagnant water.

Three weeks ago Kejriwal had launched a mega-drive against dengue fever.

Lakhs of Delhiites participate in the # 10Hafte10Baje10Minute campaign against dengue. Call 10 of your friends this Sunday after inspecting your home at 10am and also encourage them to inspect their homes and become a Dengue Champion! (Sic), he tweeted.

According to an official statement, the campaign will see citizens immediately reach 10 of their friends or peers and ask them to check their premises for signs of dengue fever.

Kejriwal said: I am very pleased to announce that the number of dengue cases has dropped sharply this year.

Such a will ensures that citizens are encouraged to take initiative and take responsibility for their fellow citizens, the statement added.

Later, on 14 August, the court again instructed the government to provide an answer to the steps taken to establish a council at the state level.