Kolkata band celebrates classical rock tonight

Kolkata's nightlife scenes have since taken over English music bands based in the city's music room. Urban Monkeys , a cover tape which is regularly held on special evenings for clubs and was initiated by Somodeep Sengupta and Rajdeep Basu, is delighted with all the attention. In no time they have found a big fan who gathers in the pubs of the city to listen to them regularly. The group is very excited about their latest performance tonight. In our own little way we will pay tribute Classic skirt Stalwarts who have shaped our musical journeys. From dark Purple to Pink Floyd , Def Leppard to GnR, our tribute would be a whole lot of fun for music lovers,” said Somodeep.

The live music scenario in Kolkata is stepping up and it’s good to see people appreciating the efforts of the tape s. When asked, amid so many making a mark nowadays, how the tape plans to keep their music fresh and innovate with their gigs each time, Somodeep said, “There are spins aplenty, and things ought to get loud and heavy. It’s going to be rock ‘n’ roll all the way, and our set list is going to be one continuous run through, curated to rock the socks off any Classic skirt enthusiast. This should be fun; The Urban Monkeys kinda fun.”

Though the tape has played on weekends on occasions, these days Thursday night seems to be equally happening for the city’s youngsters who believe in the saying ‘work hard and party harder’.