Christopher Nolan shoots exciting stunts at a high-rise in Mumbai

Hollywood director Christopher nolan has been shooting his upcoming spy thriller Tenet in Mumbai for four days. The filmmaker is known for tirelessly pursuing what he wants, and does not seem to waste a single minute. Given the speed with which Nolan has shot, it looks like the team will finalize its schedule for Mumbai on Friday and fly to Los Angeles on the Saturday before the scheduled visit.

The plot has now moved from the Gateway of India and Colaba Causeway Kemps Corner , While the team has previously shot during the day and outdoors, the current part is shot in a skyscraper in the late hours of the day South Mumbai , We hear that an apartment was booked for the shoot, along with the terrace and adjoining building. Main actor, Robert Pattinson and John David Washington (Son of Denzel Washington ), shot for the stunt scenes. Dimple Kapadia was also present here.

While it was hard to tell if it was Robert Pattinson or his stunt double, people witnessed a scene that had two men jumping off the 20-storey building. Those present at the location pointed out that Pattinson’s blonde look (hair colour) in the film is just like Nolan’s in real life, and that makes the two look similar. Following this action sequence, we hear, the team is contemplating shooting a bigger stunt scene. Watch this space for more.