Telangana is getting a medical app with an alert system for senior citizens

HYDERABAD: Bringing health care to your home, a smart medical offering emergency and non-emergency medical assistance. Concepted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay alumni, the smart app named Arvi was launched on AP and Friday.

The care of the elderly in India is quite widespread and the adoption of technology is relatively low. We want to leverage technology to bring fast, easy-to-use and reliable healthcare solutions for older people across the country, said Sushant Reddy, co-founder. Arvi.

According to the founders of the application, it has installed a smart medical alert system with 'push buttons' in all critical locations of the home. When a senior citizen pushes a button during an emergency, a smart hub automatically triggers telephone and SMS alerts to relatives and neighbors.

The app support team sends an emergency call and arranges a hotline between senior citizens and an emergency doctor. The team provides assistance with non-emergency situations such as scheduling medication delivery, doctor-on-call appointments, home health checks.

Today, millions of Indians leave their parents for long hours while they are at work and are always nervous when it comes to managing their home health care. An application like Arvi can help senior citizens and their families by providing fast, reliable and round-the-clock quality of medical assistance at their doorstep, says the Arvi team.