Effect of FASTags: Wait time at the toll gate for 2 mins, NH revenue increases by 15%

NEW DELHI: The toll collection in total national lanes has risen almost 15% since the government pushed the mandatory use of FASTags for paying toll. Sources said the average daily NHAI toll revenue has crossed Rs 80 crore against earlier average of Rs 65-68 crore in July and August. The revenue may increase further as the share of toll collection through FASTags increase as it is expected to completely plug income leakage .

While officials admitted that there were reports of congestion at nearly 40-45 toll plazas out of the total 530 plazas, “Tolltimezero”, an IT firm which has been tracking the live traffic situation in total 488 toll plazas, claimed that the average waiting time during Sunday was 12 minutes. A year back, the average waiting time was 10.04 minutes and a month back vehicles had to wait for 10.57 minutes.

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Some TOI computers said there was confusion in plazas with unmarked vehicles entering the tag lines and many refused to pay double the amount for violating policies resulting in long some. There are reports of technical glitch in some plazas. We say that in such cases commuters will be allowed to travel for free, provided their tags are well-balanced, an official said.

Meanwhile, considering that FASTag vehicles still face congestion in different plazas because non-tagged vehicles or low-balance tags block the way others do, today has a proposal to collect double user fees from such vehicles.

Highway officials said the traffic situation was satisfactory at the 245 toll plazas where only one line on each side was kept for the cash transaction.

In another 242 toll plazas where cash transactions were allowed on 25% of lanes the situation was relatively stable. But there is a need to improve the condition in the remaining 40-42 toll plaza where things are not up to the mark even with 25% lines kept for cash transactions.