The holiday season is over. For the goans, it's time to hit the gym

At the Xmas and New Year celebrations and ended, many Goans with a fitness eye enrolled themselves in gyms to get back in shape and become more active.

Resolving to stay organized

This is the time when people make New Year's resolutions to lose weight and restore a lean body. Talking about this trend, Norbert D'Souza, owner of Norbert's chain of gyms, says You always rush to membership after any festive season, because people want to lose avoiding that they have accumulated food of all good. This is a general phenomenon in any gym. At this time of year people often have a lot of positive energy and gyms streamline this energy in the right way, New Year usually brings more energy to the gym.

All of our members are highly motivated to achieve their goals and interact with our trainers who are equally willing to help them achieve their goals. It's a great environment to be a part of, says Felipe Alvares, from the Fitness Bar. Gyms all over Goa also hold a special New Year's offer. We run special offers on leadup in the new year and keep them running for the first two weeks of the new year. We encourage members to sign up for a period that they know will be regular and consistent, ”said Philip. But often, soon after a few weeks, the fatigue hits and many start to skip the routine, making it a daily cheat. Unfortunately, few continue after February as new workouts try to lose weight through regular exercise or try programs that are too difficult for their fitness level, Norbert added.

It's more about losing weight

Mukhtar Shaikh from Science Fitness, talks about workouts prescribed for beginners. We focus on strength and endurance training. Our workout is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). We train members to run marathons and also lift heavy weights.

Sharda Mehta, a retired beauty therapist turning 70 this year, said she joined the gym to fit in. Going to the gym is something I look forward to every morning, and If I can't do it, I work out about 45 minutes at home. The happy times affect the daily routine of exercise, but the determination to return and stay consistent is important.

Speaking of consistency, Gauresh Gawas, 26, said, Exercise for me is an important part of life. I keep it healthy, fit and focused. Usually, people view work as a hassle but for me it is a way of life. A day that does not work, is a day wasted.

Finding a balance, again

During the festive season all the coarse, lip smacking food comes home and it is near impossible not to tell them. It can be hard to maintain a strict diet and exercise at times, but it's good to enjoy your heart, enjoy a meal and enjoy the festivities, says 20-year-old Amogh Golatkar who now aims to find the right balance in between meals and staying organized.

A majority of the people who go to the gym are made up of working men and women, so striking a balance between the two is no small task. Exercise is important because it keeps me active and has a positive effect on my mind. However, because I also work, it is difficult to manage both. I try to relax before work and help me stay focused, ”says Sydney.

Gymming post happy times is a must, says Zealia. I felt it was amazing to lose weight and walk into the new year with a fresh start. Keeps you excited to achieve more of your fitness and increases your self-confidence. He is currently aiming to work towards achieving the goal of having a more fit body this year.

Food tales

Everyone loves food, but it's important to have a balanced diet, too, says nutritionist Devika. A balanced meal cooked by love is no substitute. That's why nothing tastes better than cooked mom food. Healing, comfort and an emotional support. Research has proven that this is the only way to heal and align all aspects of yourself throughout life.

After an uneasy festive season it is always good to detox and return to simple eating. We consume food six times a day and need to take care of every meal with the right balance of nutrition. Just concentrating on one meal a day is not enough to maintain a healthy daily routine, ”Devika added.

This is also important for people who do not work as well. We eat, and it controls our energy levels, mental health and physical self. The quality of food determines our levels of concentration, focus, happiness, anger, sleep, well-being and health, ”he added.