Srishti students feel unsafe; 3 days closed in college

What happened on Tuesday was shocking. We feel scared and unsafe, say students of the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Yelahanka, a day after several political workers, led by a local MLA, reportedly raised concerns over graffiti on a wall outside the school's door, 'creating a ruckus' near campus, According to workers, the two pictures were reported to be cartoonish and insulting, and they blamed the students for having them .

Students, however, said the matter was not being finalized. Questions were also raised about the institution's dress code and vehicle parking rules. On condition of anonymity, one female student said, We are always parked in our vehicles outside of school, and so are our faculty members. There was no protest at first. But, on Tuesday, questions were asked about what we would wear in college and where we were putting our vehicles. This, we felt, was an example of moral policing, and not just a concern about artwork.

In addition, another student said, In fact, the school management sent a circular asking students not to attend classes for three days, until the situation returned to normal. We were also told not to move into a group. Although, there has been no confirmation on who painted the graffiti, the MLA said there were CCTV cameras installed, and they were watching us 24X7. The thought that someone is watching over you is scary and distracting. We have always been taught the importance of free thinking and freedom of expression. But when such incidents take place on our own campus, we talk about everything we have been taught, students say.