Krishnakoli update, February 17: Ashok takes Aditya to his custody

In the latest episode of Krishnakoli, Ashok speaking to Si Disha over the phone and she asks him to kill Aditya. When Ashok talks about taking over the entire property, Aditya reminds him that he will get half of it following their earlier deal. Ashok agrees to the same and asks Aditya to let him meet his elder brother Arun .

As soon as Arun notices Ashok, he heaves a sigh of relief. Arun reveals Aditya's misdeed and asks Ashok to inform Nikhil about everything. But soon he realizes Ashok is with Aditya and they have jointly hatched the plan. Arun starts feeling unwell due to the sudden shock.

Either way, Nikhil is still under trauma. He couldn't accept that Shyama was gone. Nikhil's tears were shed in all his past memories.

Ashok tells Arun how the family members except Disha are mourning. He states how Nikhil is slowly losing his mental stability. Ashok shares his plan of taking over the entire property owned by Chowdhury family.

Ashok asks Aditya to zip Arun's mouth. While Aditya is busy following Ashok's instruction, the latter attacks him. Arun gets shocked seeing Ashok 's real face. Ashok takes Aditya into his custody and ties him to a chair.

Later, Ashok informs the police about Aditya, while Arun overhears the conversation.

At home, Nikhil learns that Ramen has run away. Following his plan, Ashok tells that Aditya used Padma and Ramen. While Nikhil is not ready to accept that Shyama is no more, Ashok tries to convince him.

The next day, family members prepared to hold a shraddha ceremony. Nikhil approached and threw the garland out of Shyama's photo.