A news show where headlines are sung!

How different you can show news and let people know what's going on around them? Converse, the brains behind Kitchen sink have indeed found some interesting ways. The show, which airs in the night every day, uses songs to telecast news !

A source from the news channel says, “News headlines are presented in the form of songs, at important events around the world are narrated in the format of movie reviews. Rumours are addressed at debates are conducted in engaging ways in Kitchen sink .”

The source continues, “Depending on the nature of the news , we use rap , folk song at melody style. We take roughly four hours to compose the tune, fit the news in the form of lyrics at present it in time for the show. The idea is to convey the news in an engaging style so that audience stay glued it. We air the episodes from Monday to Friday at 10.30pm, at Nivetha at Get down anchor the show.