#CoronaLockdown: Followers of the LGBTQ + film festival catch up online

The British Council, India is back with its annual film festival in support of the LGBTQ + community in India. The festival's sixth edition - Five Films For Freedom - presents a collection of five short films available to watch at YouTube's arts organizations for free until March 29.n Talk about the film festival , says Jonathan Kennedy (Director of Arts, British Council, India), The annual digital film festival is a collaboration between the British Council and BFI Flare: London LGBTQ + Film Festival and a great example of equality, diversity and integration into action, internationally. These powerful stories explore LGBTIQ + perspectives to explore the love and acceptance created by filmmakers from different countries around the world.

Ask him how five films were listed at this festival. He responds, Cinema is a powerful medium for storytelling, and as an art form, it often teaches, engages and informs an unfamiliar audience with diverse stories. These stories were created by both emerging and established artists from around the world. But the common thread of these five films is the way in which they explore the power of love and the need to welcome community members into our society, ”he explained.

Thanks to COVID-19, the film festival panel discussion will also be held online. The live digital panel discussion was moderated by Rafiul Alom Rahman, founder/director of The Queer Muslim Project, an initiative to address community challenges. The 4pm session is live online and will feature participants such as Anish Gawande (a writer and translator), Rachna Mudraboyina (a Hyderabad-based transgender activist and Maya Sharma from Baroda, who is a feminist and an activist. ' By taking the entire film festival online, Jonathan said that During this challenging situation due to COVID-19, this film festival sets an example of how digital and artistic change can help in spreading an important message to a wider audience through live online interactions.