Lockdown locks to beat the heat

Although locking is practically everything inside their homes, the rising temperatures outside this summer can still lose your energy. To keep your body cool and hydrated, we share easy-to-make recipes of some of the trending jokes this season from the makers.

Rose juice juice (Chambakka juice)

Pink rose: 20

Sugar: 3–4 tbsp

Cardamom: 1

Water: 2 glasses

Crush the first three ingredients using a kitchen hammer or a mixer grinder. Add water and mix well. Transfer the mixture to a cotton material and squeeze the juice. Your drink is ready.

- Ashraf Thafseera, Thalassery

03:23 Lockdown mocktail: Rose apple juice  Lockdown mocktail: Rose apple juice

Mango juice (Pachamanga Kulukki)

Raw mango: 1

Ginger: Small pieces are whacked

Lemon: 1/2

Green chili: 1 cut vertically

Salt: Taste the taste

Sugar: 1 tbsp

Water: 1 glass

Ice cubes: 4

Make raw mango beans using a glass of water. Force it. Add the greasy ginger, sugar, salt and green chili and squeeze the lemon into the juice. Stir the mixture. Pour it into a tall glass and close it tightly with another glass. Shake well for at least five seconds. Open to add ice cubes and serve it.

- Saresh PS, Thrissur

01:14 Lockdown mocktail: Kulukki Mango juice  Lockdown mocktail: Kulukki Mango juice

Gooseberry buttermilk (Nellikka )

Yoghurt: 1 cup

Gooseberry: 1

Green chilli: 3

Ginger: 1 piece (2cm long)

Lemon leaves: 2

Curry leaves: 2 strands

Salt to taste

Blend the curd and gooseberry with a blender and transfer the buttermilk to a glass. Add smashed ginger, curry leaves and lemon leaves and mix it. Add salt to taste. Your drink is ready. You can also add raw mango or puliyarila (Indian sorrel) instead of gooseberry.

-Dr Nisha Rajesh, Ernakulam

The jackfruit shakes ( )

Jackfruit seeds: 12-15

Milk: 500 ml

Sugar: 3tbsp

Vanilla essence: 2 drops



Buttercotch ice cream

Peel all the jackfruit seeds and cook in a pressure cooker for up to five whistles. Chop the bones, add them to a blender jar along with 100ml chilled milk, sugar and vanilla essence. Blend at high speed to enable drinks. When done, pour the shake into the glasses, and add ice-cream and a pinch of strengthening to soak. Serve immediately.

- Sandy Samu John, Mavelikara

Mango mojito

Mint leaves: A handful

Nectar of mango or thick mango juice: 1 cup

Salt: 1/4tsp

Sugar: 1-2 tbsp

Lime juice: from a lime

Chilled water/soda: 1-1.5 cups

Sliced ​​lime: 1 no


Add a few mint leaves to three glasses including 1tsp sugar, a little lime juice, and a pinch of salt to each. Stir the mixture slightly to release the fragrance from the mint leaves. Mix mango nectar or juice with chilled water or soda. Divide the mango mixture between the glasses. Top it with fresh mint leaves. Serve on ice cubes.

- Fathima Renzin, Kochi