Trump's move to ban travel between the US and China is not a good moment: Pelosi

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump's decision in late January to ban travel between the US and China is not a good moment in the fight, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday.

Trump has repeatedly described his decision to implement a travel ban between the US and China as his best and earliest step toward fighting pandemics.

In fact, thousands of people are still allowed from China. So it is not, as described, such a wonderful moment. There are American returning or green card holders returning. But there are tens of thousands, Pelosi told CNN.

If you close the door because you have a diagnosis of an epidemic, then close the door, he said, which continues to be critical of Trump's coronavirus policies that have killed more than 54,000 Americans.

Let's go into the future. What the American people want is that we have a plan going forward. And our plan to move forward is addressing their concerns, he said.

Their first concern is the care of our heroes, our health care workers, our police and fire, emergency services, our teachers, food service people, our transportation workers, we, that they will be taken care of ... because they risk doing their jobs, ”he said.

Second, people want their checks under the package stimulus. They didn't get it all, and we have to watch how fast it should move, he said.

In another interview MSNBC , Pelosi said the numbers skyrocket in terms of infections, but also, deaths.

Pelosi sued Trump for making comments about potential treatment for coronavirus patients.

Trump on Wednesday suggested the possibility of studying the injection of disinfectants on COVID-19 patients or carrying UV light inside their bodies to kill the deadly virus, drawing an immediate seizure from health experts as a leading disinfectant producer urges people not to listen to such dangerous speculation.

We have these comments coming out of the White House, whose president is not responsible and we insist on the truth. He said it was an adventure; he said it would disappear mysteriously; he said all kinds of things that weren't true. And he believes in people. He is the president of United States . The president's words are weighty. They have weight, ”Pelosi said.

So now that he's out of this limit, it doesn't mean that many scientists and medical professionals have come out and said, 'No, he's gone too far.' Like I said, as a mother and grandmother, I sometimes feel shy about how the president is talking ... It's dangerous, he said.