The job creation scheme but few benefit from it

NEW DELHI: At the time of the pandemic, the job guarantee program played a major role in providing employment but provided assistance to very few people, pointing to the challenges ahead as the government sought to tap the scheme. to help the pandemic hit unemployment paycheck.

MGNREGA has generated 3.59 crore persondays of employment in the country in the financial year 2020-21. An overabundance of work could be attributed to the nine days since April 20 when the scheme resumed following a nationwide lock-in. However, it provided jobs to about 49 lakh people.

It presents a stark contrast to the pattern witnessed in 2019-20. April 2019 generated 91 lakh jobs, less than the corresponding month of this year - referring to high demand for coronavirus lockout and job losses. However, when MGNREGA generated 264 crores going on for the rest of 2019-20, as many as 7.7 crore people participated - pointing to the wide area of ​​hiring of employment programs that refer to agitated labor.

This year's pattern, however, points to the intense exploitation of the work scheme in some states even though it has seriously failed to take off in many large states. The skewed graph indicates that MGNREGA provides jobs in a smaller slice of rural households in need.

One factor appears to be that the scheme works well in states where the coronavirus has limited effect as it faces severe barriers to pandemic-infected states.

Andhra Pradesh top of the chart with 111 lakh personday jobs followed by Chhattisgarh which yielded 80.74 lakh persondays. Bihar has generated 36.93 lakh continents, 30.37 lakh, 26.71 lakh and Odisha has 23.22 lakh persondays.

Among the biggest failures appear to be managed by just 6.05 lakh people working in spite of the large urban poor population. Madhya Pradesh generated just 9.73 lakh persistence while it had 2.88 lakh persondays. Rajasthan has 9.22 lakh persondays and Maharashtra has 6.70 lakh persondays. Gujarat only manages 63,000 persons.

It remains to be seen how the procedure will perform in the laggard state once locking starts are raised in phases after May 3.

Due to pandemic events and spreads, states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan can continue to see extended restrictions and thus depressed employment under MGNREGA. It will increase the pressure on governments to keep the poor through the youth.