Gujarat: In mourning, the village model guarantees social travel

PALANPUR: In normal times, death in the village will be a source of grief to all residents who participate. But Punsari, who won national accolades for being a 'model tech-savvy village,' set another example on Sunday by following the rules of lockdown even in mourning.

A 24-year-old woman Sonal Rawad died after a heart attack while working on a farm. But young sarpanch Himanshu Patel made no sense and made sure only six people performed his last ritual. Two of these people were cops, who brought the woman's bier, along with the wife, to the crematorium.

Speaking to TOI, Patel said, Rawad suffered severe chest pain, but before he could get any medical help, he collapsed from a massive heart attack and died. The doctor who was called to the area announced that he was dead. ”

However, unlike these situations at normal times when mourning becomes a social gathering, the village head only allows six people, including his wife Rahul (27) and three others.

We were surprised. But we also need to observe closely the locking habits. Therefore, we decided not to allow more than six people to participate in the final rituals. Along with the wife of the deceased Rahul Rawad (27), three other relatives and two policemen from the village police station joined the procession and performed the final rites, strictly observing the social customs in the social, ”Patel said.