Modi asks young people to see Moon when they look for work: Rahul Gandhi

LATUR: Hitting the husbands for the first time since the debacle of Lok Sabha earlier this year, party leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Interior Minister Amit Shah of diverting central issues and asking young people to watch Moon When they demand jobs.

Gandhi also accused the media of distracting people's attention from real problems such as the economic downturn. He said that divisive policy was one of the reasons behind the closure of dozens of factories in the country.

With the BJP trying to weave the narrative of the October 21 elections around the withdrawal of Jammu and Kashmir's special status and nationalism, Gandhi pointed to Modi and Shah about the state of the economy and unemployment.

He said the prime minister and Shah maintain a convenient silence about the real problems that affect the country.

"By sending a satellite to the Moon , you cannot feed the poor people of this country. Such missions will not finish hunger of our youths," Gandhi said in an apparent reference to Mission 'Chandrayaan 2' though he lauded the ISRO for the achievement.

BJP leaders have been raising the ambitious Moon mission as one of the achievements of the Modi government during campaigning. The mission, which envisaged soft-landing of a lander on lunar surface, had failed to achieve its intended objective.

"The real focus of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is to divert the attention of the people towards Corbett Park, the Moon , China, Pakistan, Japan and Korea among others. They are conveniently silent on the issues that are plaguing the country," said Gandhi while addressing a rally for Congress candidate from Ausa assembly segment in Latur district.

Corbett Park was an apparent reference to the spectacle of British adventure man Bear Grylls 'Man vs. Wild' in Hindi presenting the Prime Minister walking through nature in Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

In Ausa, the MLA Basavaraj Patil congress is in the fray for the October 21 assembly elections against Abhimanyu Pawar, former personal assistant to the Maharashtra Prime Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Gandhi, who led the Congressional campaign against the BJP and the prime minister on the issue of Rafale irregularities in the Lok Sabha polls, also tried to paint the bleak image of the economy and the labor scene.

Unemployment has reached its highest point in the last 40 years. More than 2000 factories in the country have been closed. The car sector is broken, said Gandhi, who is a star defender of Congress in the crucial elections.

Gandhi said he learned about the problems of the garment and diamond industries in Gujarat, the prime minister's home state.

On my recent visit to Gujarat, I realized the problems of the garment and diamond industries, but the media doesn't speak a single word about it. No one will ask questions about Narendra Modi. You should look closely at exactly what is happening. Gandhi said.

He added: If you ask about the current problems facing people in any corner of the country, the common answer will be 'devastated farmers and unemployment' ... If you ask farmers about their situation, their answer is: Modiji has destroyed us.

The deputy of Wayanad said that the Modi government waived (loans) at the rate of Rs 5.5 lakh crore of about 15 people, including rich companies in recent years.

Most of the media are owned by large corporations and some of their names are known as Ambani, Adani, etc. The Modi government has given up Rs 5.5 lakh crore (loan) of these people despite the rural employment scheme as MNREGA only needs Rs 35,000 crore, he said.

Gandhi claimed that if a farmer was unable to pay his debt, he is sent to jail, but on the other hand, outstanding loans from large corporations are declared as NPA (unprofitable assets) and banks are opening their doors to those corporate homes. Once again.

He also claimed that the real objective of measures such as demonetization in 2016 and the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was to help the rich at the expense of the poor.

The real objective of the ban on tickets and GST was to take money out of the pockets of the poor and give it to the rich, he said.

Gandhi reiterated his accusation that no corrupt person had to queue outside the ATMs to withdraw money during the prohibition to pay.

Modi came with the promise of ending corruption and banning the issuance of tickets, but did you see a corrupt person queuing out of ATMs or in any bank? The lines were full of poor people, workers, farmers and the common man. The money was taken from them and used to stir up the loan of thieves like Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, he said.

Nirav Modi and Choksi are wanted by several agencies for their alleged role in the Punjab National Bank (GNP) scam.

If you ask small or medium scale entrepreneurs about the impact of GST, their answer will be 'Satyanash' (destruction). They are devastated with the tax system, he said.

Gandhi said that not only the people of Maharashtra, but also those from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to West Bengal are also at the receiving end due to the policies of the Modi government.

He also sought to know if Modi, during his recent meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, asked the latter about Doklam's confrontation in 2017.

He was referring to the alleged incursion of Chinese troops into Indian territory in 2017.

Modi asked the Chinese president what they (the Chinese) did in Doklam? Did the media ask Modi if he had raised the issue of the Chinese military entering our territory in Doklam? she asked.

Taking photos in the Center's 'Make in India' program, Gandhi said that 'Made in China' products have flooded the markets in India. It seems that young Chinese are getting a job, he added.

Gandhi said that the recent revision in the Corporation Tax has benefited companies by Rs 1.25 lakh crore.

Although the media projected that this decision has been very well received ... but what did the Modi government give to the farmers? she asked.

Gandhi said the economic downturn has just begun.

"You will see how badly we will suffer in the coming days. The decade-long works of the Congress to boost the economy is done away by the Modi government. Hence, they keep talking about Kashmir and Article 370; country's mission to the Moon etc, but they will never utter a single word about the crucial issues in the country," he alleged.

Referring to divisive politics, Gandhi said that India made progress because people of all religions, religions and castes have worked together.

The more you divide this country, the more this country will suffer. This divisive policy is also one of the reasons behind the closure of factories ... the rise in unemployment will get even worse, he said.